Rink Bookings

In line with post-CoVid19 rules, rinks will be available for practice only.

This can be on any day, except Monday  (maintenance), and there is no time limit to a session, but it must be nominated when booking.


Members must request to book a rink. This request must be confirmed by the club before play can begin.


The following rules will apply:

  • Only 10 people total can be at the club.

  • Only 2 people  can play on one rink.

  • Maintain social distancing 1.5 metres.
          Do not touch other player's bowls.

  • Players may not arrive more than 10 minutes before their allotted time.

  • All players must enter details on the registration sheet before and after play.

  • All equipment used must be sanitized after use (eg, mats jacks rink pegs etc).

  • Toilets can be accessed only from the outside doors. Clubrooms may not be opened.


Rink Booking Request Form

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